welcome to my personal website

this is EP5MMS

if you are visiting this website your signal report is 5.9 ++

In The Name of Allah The Most Beneficient The Most Merciful

I started to practice Electronics and  Radio while I was just 13 years old after a short time I jumped to work on a FM low power transmitter and then on a tube AM transmitter (6AQ5A) just for (4.5 wats while charging it with just 250 v.dc) that time  I didn’t know what a coaxial cable mean ….and even any info. about antenna and what SWR is about… then it coincided imposed Iran iraq war so I took part in it voluntarily .as a military wireless operator I practiced with PRC 77  Racall  and so on . Every thing stopped for 32 years and now I am back as a radio amateur, I was active for approximately 1 year as EP3MS  then as EP3FS and now from 20/Feb/2020 as EP2AMS mostly active on 20 meter and 40 meter band seldom on 80 meter bond.

A) the Antenna Dipole for 7 MHz installation direction is East west 

B) the Antenna Dipole for 14 MHz installation direction is North south 

C) the Antenna vertical for 14 & 3.5 MHZ 

This is Mohammad my QTH is Tehran

I love interacting with people. But my communication tool is radio.

Radio communication with my friends has broken the physical boundaries

All the beauty in one country

These are pictures of my country Iran

my First Station

Northeast Station

my Second Station

Capital City Station

and this is my mobile station

Uninterrupted communication everywhere

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